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Does My Credit Card Cover Car Rental Insurance?   Every time you rent a car, you’re probably faced with the question at the counter: Would you like to purchase car rental insurance? Put on the spot, it’s difficult to make the right decision. You never know what might happen, so being covered is always a good idea. READ MORE >>

When to Revisit Your Insurance Policy: Every Six Months   When you search for a new insurance policy, you should be able to get all the coverage you need within a reasonable budget. Your insurance agent should be able to help you get exactly the protection that’s perfect for your situation. READ MORE >>

Christmas season means lots of holiday cheer, parties, and decorations. But the holidays also mean accidents can occur, especially while your guard is down when you’re enjoying the festivities and time spent with family. This year, keep your family safe while enjoying the parties and presents. READ MORE >>

Car accidents may be very traumatizing, and you may find yourself in complete shock shortly after involved in a crash. However, try to keep calm and take the necessary steps in order to protect yourself physically and from a legal standpoint.   Seek Medical Attention   READ MORE >>

Accidents could happen to anyone at any time, which is why they’re called accidents. The best thing to do is prepare yourself for one at any moment by having the best insurance coverage for your situation. One of the most distressing and confusing things may be when a friend or family member borrows your car and gets into an accident. READ MORE >>

Auto insurance fraud is a scary but realistic crime that affects more and more driver each year. You may not be involved in these scams directly, but if you are involved in a car accident with a driver with fraudulent auto insurance, you may experience increased premium costs and other detrimental results. READ MORE >>

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, distracted driving is becoming one of the most dangerous health concerns. Distracted driving is whenever a driver becomes distracted in any way, whether that’s from using cell phones, eating, talking to other passengers, and even road rage. READ MORE >>

When you are involved in a car accident, you may experience shock. Your body may not feel all of the injuries it incurred, but later you will experience pain and soreness. While it’s understandable that you’re in shock after such a traumatic experience, there are certain necessary steps you need to take to protect yourself physically and legally. READ MORE >>

Happy New from our Rapid Insurance family to yours. Lets all have a great year together in 2017. 2016 was GREAT! Lets wish that 2017 be bit better then 2016. Happy and safe Holidays my friends and family! READ MORE >>

There are many factors that affect your car insurance bill, but one of them could be what city you live in. Car insurance companies help to protect you in the chance of an accident, and they take into account what the chances of you being involved in an accident are. READ MORE >>

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